About The Shift

Traditional articles are too long, we make them shorter while still providing more purposeful information.

— The Shift

Technology information shifting your future

Traditional articles are long and full of in-between advertisements..

We know how precious your time is, we'd rather keep it short and informational.

The sole purpose of The Shift is to educate the average individual aout how emerging technology is changing or will change their life. Too many people just live their life and are not aware of the fact that technology such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, E-Commerce, Online Education, Artificial Intelligence and many more emerging technolgy will have some of the most significant impact on their life. The Shift will provide reasonable sized articles that will make learning about emerging technology fun, informational and educational! Come on a journey with us!

Mission Statement

To inform the average individual of the way their daily lives will change with new and emerging technology.

Vision Statement

To build a community around new and emerging technology changing lives, and serve as the web's home page for technology information, news and updates.

This is why The Shift exist, we take long dreadful Technology articles, and we turn them into byte size articles. These articles are complemented by infographics and images to make your experience more educational.

Join us as we shift towards a new future!