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Any Donations made to theshift.tech will be used in order to enhance the website for a smoother and faster experience. Donations are not required but are APPRECIATED! Donations made to us will only go theshift.tech and nowhere else, currently the people behind this website only work this website on free time, to be able to work on this full-time, release more content for you, we need to decrease our operating costs, which is where you come in! the more donations we get, the more we are able to do and also adding more features in the future such as Authors’ own exclusive content, Podcasts and short video contents! Thank you!

What’s wrong with today’s advertising today?

The worst thing an advertising campaign can do is spend a tremendous amount of money and yield no results. Advertising today have gone through so much in order to get information on people they should not have.

Our Take On Advertising

The Shift team would like to keep your privacy safe and secure and at your own hands. We value our visitor’s privacy, therefore WE WILL NOT BE DISPLAYING ADVERTISEMENTS ON OUR WEBSITE. Not only does it hurt the reader by distracting them but it also violate our values.


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